Kamvas Pro 24(4K)
Troubleshooting Solutions

1. Possible Breakdowns Related to Display.

Power indicator does not flash.

1. Make sure power is on.

2. Check the socket and power cable.

No display on the screen.

1. Make sure power is on.

2. Correctly connect the cables.

3. If you connect the display with a laptop, please make sure the display is on the right display mode: extend or duplicate mode.

4. Check whether the side indicator shows green, if not, it means no signal in. Please reboot your computer or reconnect the cable.

5. Is the signal wire broken or bent? If so, please replace the signal wire.

No signal.

1. Make sure the cables are well connected.

2. If you use a desktop, make sure the HDMI port is plugged into the graphic card on the tower, but not into the motherboard.

3. If you use a Windows OS computer, make sure to press ''Windows+P'' on keyboard, then choose Duplicate or Extend. Don't choose Computer Only or Projector Only.

4. If there is no HDMI port on your computer, you need an extra HDMI adapter. We don't recommend a USB to HDMI adapter. Also, we don't recommend a USB hub. We recommend DVI/ VGA/ Display Port/ Type-C/ Thunderbolt, etc. to HDMI adapters.

Images are blurred.

Please set the display resolution with 1920 x 1080.

Displays wallpaper & task bar of computer monitor only.

1. It is because you are under extended mode right now. It is a normal situation.

2. If you are not familiar with extended mode, we recommend you to use in Duplicate/Mirror mode. Windows OS: Press keyboard combination---Windows+P---then choose Duplicate

Mac OS: System Preference---Displays--- Arrangement--- Check "Mirror Displays".

3. If you decide to use in Extended mode. Make sure to choose pen display as Work Area in Driver. It is usually ''Display 2''.

Lack of colors.

Check the pins of the signal wire are not bent or fractured.

There is chromatic aberration.

As the regional color temperature is different, so minor chromatic aberration is a normal phenomenon.

Images jitter or ripple images appear.

It is likely that there is electric equipment nearby that brings about electronic interference.

2. Possible Breakdowns Related to Functions.

There is no pressure in the graphics software but the cursor moves.

You may have installed other display drivers or opened the drawing software when installing the driver. Please uninstall all drivers and close the drawing software, then reinstall the Huion driver. It's better to restart your computer after finishing the installation.

The pen does not work.

1. Make sure you are using the pen that originally came with your tablet.
2. Make sure you installed the driver correctly.

Press Keys does not work.

1. Make sure the Press Keys function were enabled in the driver.
2. Make sure you have correctly defined the Press Keys.
3. Check if the press lock switch is on the unlock position.

The computer can't enter sleep mode.

When you are not using the display, please do not put the pen on the display surface, which will keep the computer awake.

The side button of the pen doesn't work.

When pressing the side button, please make sure that the nib didn't touch the tablet surface and the distance between the nib and surface is within 10mm.

The computer can't recognize the display.

Check that the USB port is normal. If there is any problem, please use another USB port.

If your problem is not resolved, please click FAQs to view more troubleshooting methods or email us(service@huion.com).