Kamvas Pro 24(4K)
Pen Display Setting

Working Area

Select the Working Area tab to define the relationship between pen movement on the device and cursor movement on the monitor screen.
By default the entire active area of device maps to the entire monitor. If more than one monitor is in use and you are in extended mode, you need to choose the related monitor on the driver interface which you are going to map to.
If your monitors are in mirror mode (All monitors display the same content), the device maps to the entire space on each monitor and the screen cursor is displayed on each monitor simultaneously.

1. Working Area Setting

Define the device area that will be mapped to the screen area.
[1] Full Area: the entire active area of the device. This is the default setting.
[2] Screen Ratio: As a general rule, be 16:9.
[3] Customized Area: 
1> Enter coordinate values.  
2> Drag the corners of the foreground graphic to select the screen area.


2. Rotate Working Area

By changing the direction of the device to adapt to the left and right hand operation. You can rotate the tablet by 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°.


3. Monitor Calibration

Click "Cursor Calibration" to enter the calibration page and operate according to the prompts.


Please use the digital pen to click on the center red dot of the cross in a common pen-holding posture. You can cancel Calibration and restore default.