Kamvas Pro 24(4K)
Digital Pen Setting

1. Press Key

The function setting is the same as the Press Key setting of the tablet. Please refer to it.


①Keyboard Key

Click on the input box above and enter a valid key combination to creat a shortcut. For example "Ctrl+A", "Ctrl+Z", and so on.


②Mouse Key

Select the function of a Mouse or Wheel. Please see the picture below for detailed functions.
Mouse: Left Button, Right Button, Middle Button.
Wheel: Wheel Forward, Wheel Backward.
Double-Left Click.



Select Switch Screen or Switch Brush.
Note: Some software does not support the "Switch Brush" function.


④Run Program

Browse and select a program that you want to launch quickly. After the setting, you can launch that program with just a single press.


⑤System Application

The table below are the functions of Windows and Mac Systems that can be customized on the Keys.



To realize the functions such as previous song, next song, play/pause, volume up, volume down.



When select None, the keys will have no function.

2. Pen Nib Activity

The pen nibs can be set to be Valid/Invalid as needed. Click the drop-down option to select. In Valid mode, the digital pen can be used normally. In Invalid mode, the digital pen has cursor movement, but cannot complete the specified action.


3. Enable Windows ink

Microsoft Windows provides extensive support for pen input. Pen features are supported in such as Microsoft Office, Windows Whiteboard, Adobe Photoshop CC, SketchBook 6 and so on.


4. Pressure Sensitivity Adjustment

The pressure sensitivity will be changed by dragging the slider up and down, the smaller the value, the more pressure sensitive.
Click the Redo button at the top right of the Settings box to reset the pressure sensitivity to the default state.


5. Pressure Test

You can gradually apply pressure to the stylus on the screen to test the pressure level. Click the Clear button to clear all the ink.