Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K)
Digital Pen Setting

1. Press Key

You can use this digital pen to interact with your device, including drawing, writing, moving files, or activating the functions of pen press keys.

The setting of the pen press keys is the same as the Press Key setting of the display. Please refer to it.
See Section.


2. Pen Nib Activity

The pen nib of the digital pen can be set as Valid/Invalid according to users’ needs. Click the drop-down button to set its activity. In Valid mode, the pen works well, and in Invalid mode, the pen has a cursor movement, but cannot complete specified actions.

3. Enable Windows ink

Microsoft Windows provides extensive support for pen input. Pen features are supported in such as Microsoft Office, Windows Whiteboard, Adobe Photoshop CC, SketchBook 6 and so on.

4. Pressure Sensitivity Adjustment

Users can adjust the pressure sensitivity level by dragging the slider in the Pressure Sensitivity Adjustment box according to your usage habits. Click the redo button at the top right to revert to the default pressure. 

(1)To decide the force required for a pen to produce a click or a pressure sensation.

(2)You can change the slope of the pressure response curve. 

(3)To determine how much pressure needs to be applied to the pen nib to reach the highest pressure sensitivity level.

*Draw lines in the Pressure Test box with the pen, and the bar on the right will simultaneously show the pressure changes on the pen nib. Click the “Delete” button above to remove the lines, reset the pressure sensitivity level and test it until you find the appropriate pressure sensitivity level.

*A steep curve means a more sensitive response.