Pen Display Kamvas 13

Ace in

Easier Connection, Better
Convenience and Higher

Get ready to
create your work.

Impressed at first sight.

The creative Kamvas 13 with eye-catching appearance is available in 3 colors, Midnight Green,
Violet Purple and Cosmo Black, which offers more choices for users to fit their styles.

Violet Purple
The collision of red and blue, the balance of enthusiasm and calm, is intertwined with mystery and elegance.
Midnight Green
Midnight Green that is visually soothing creates users a relaxing atmosphere.
Cosmo Black
Cosmo Black that is always associated with mysterious and fascinating sky will awaken you to a sense of infinity and ignite your inner creativity.

Light enough for better

Kamvas 13 is 11.8mm ultra slim and weighs only 980g, which
makes it an easy-to-carry pen display for outdoor drawing.


net weight



Keep everything simple.

Easy and quick

Besides a Type-C to HDMI connection, Kamvas 13 also supports a Type-C to Type-C connection. Users can connect laptop that supports Type-C input to Kamvas 13 easily without using a Type-C to HDMI adapter.

Power it with
ONE USB cable.

The low power consumption design enables Kamvas 13 to be powered by a laptop directly. To power on the pen display, users only need to connect Kamvas 13 to a laptop that runs on 5 volts or above via a USB cable.

Full-featured Type-C
3-in-1 Type-C

3-in-1 Type-C Cable (*Any USB
charger can be used for power supply.)

USB-C to USB-C Cable(Optional)

Start your creation with Android device.

Kamvas 13 is the first pen display that supports connectivity with Android device via a USB-C to USB-C cable. Users can express their ideas on Kamvas 13 whenever and wherever they want.

* USB-C on device should at least support USB3.1 GEN1 data transfer protocol and DP 1.2.

* Extra power supply is needed under connection with Android device.

*List of Compatible Android Devices

Vivid visual effect
with brilliant colors.

Gorgeous, stunning and realistic.

Full HD IPS screen that boasts 178° viewing angle and extra wide color gamut 120% sRGB
will bring you vivid images with vibrant colors and details.

1920 × 1080


120% sRGB


Full lamination, minimum parallax.

The full-laminated screen with an anti-glare screen protector ensures a
comfortable visual experience. The glass combines seamlessly with the screen to
minimize the parallax, and at the same time, the anti-glare screen protector helps
to keep your screen clear and transparent even under bright light.

Turn inspiration
into reality.

Updated technology PenTech 3.0

The upgraded pen technology enables pressure applied to be captured
sensitively and lines input to be rendered in a more organic way.Battery-free
pen PW517 is optimized with a highly-sensitive and stable pen nib to ensure
a more lifelike drawing experience as you’re using a regular ball point pen.

pressure sensitivity

8192 Levels

report rate


tilt support


User-friendly design
for higher efficiency.

Pen Display or Pen Tablet?

Kamvas 13 can be switched easily between two modes, Pen Display and Pen Tablet.
Pen Tablet mode will be activated when the screen of Kamvas 13 is off, which not only
helps to save power, but also offers another way for users to express their creativity.

*Please power Kamvas 13 off and reconnect it to
laptop via a USB cable to activate the Pen Tablet mode.

Redefine the way
you create.

With 8 programmable press keys,
Kamvas 13 is ergonomically designed
to facilitate your operation.



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