Who is HUION

Founded in 2011, Huion is an innovator, designer and manufacturer that devotes itself to digital ink devices and solutions, like pen tablets, pen displays, pen computers, and other relative accessories.

Located in Shenzhen, Huion has been developing rapidly due to its geographical location, mighty core technology, and loyal supporters.

To immerse users in drawing and creating, it seeks digital ink solutions and services that deliver high performance at a reasonable price.

Three pens form the Huion logo in the shape of a crown, indicating three meanings.

To begin, pen is an essential tool for drawing and writing, and it is one of the star products in Huion. Second, the crown alludes to Huion’s Chinese name, 绘王 (Hui Wang), which translates as "King of Painting".

We constantly explore the unknown and be in the lead in the market. Finally, the three pens represent three critical features of Huion enterprise: Technology, Creativity and Sincerity.

What Drives HUION

Huion members live up to four values: integrity, endeavor, mission, and creation.

We strive to bring digital ink solutions to more people around the world and continuously invent handwriting input devices for practical use.

Everyone is creative, and you can create the life and world of your dreams. The world is in your control.


Integrity, Endeavor, Mission, Creation


To bring digital ink solution to more people around the world.


Innovative, Fashionable, Practical.


The world is in your hands.

Why Huion
  • Full Product Range

    Users can find a Huion product that best meets their needs, with products ranging from entry-level to high-end. Additionally, we conduct market research and strive to introduce products that suit their requirements.

  • Innovative Capacity

    Huion is focused on the development of both hardware and software. To become one of the market's standards, we strive to innovate unique and practical products that will inspire you.

  • Faithful Supporters

    Huion has established a positive reputation in the industry for premium product supply. We also expand our social media platforms to improve connections with Huion supporters.

  • A Good Value for the Product and Service

    We have been providing high-quality products and genuine client support that are superior to our competitors. Moreover, we offer users a tool to increase their productivity and efficiency in the impending digital era.

  • Customer Growth

    Huion community has held drawing competitions with various themes to encourage artistic expression among community folks. It also offers drawing tutorials to help them improve their artistic sensibility and sketching abilities.

HUION Development

- Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co, Ltd, as well as the Huion brand, was founded; Huion began to provide professional OEM and ODM solutions to apply EMR technology in different industries.

- The massive production of independently developed chips HV400 applied to the graphics input recognition field was launched for the first time.

- The first pen tablet in the industry that featured the HV processing chip, K28, was launched by Huion.

- Huion released pen tablets 420 and H420.

- Apart from online channels, such as Amazon and AliExpress, etc. Huion began to do offline marketing in the US and Europe.

- The original handwriting input recognition technology was commercialized and applied in industries including finance, medical care and communication to realize paperless offices.

- Launch of the first wireless pen tablet of Huion, W58, made Huion the first brand in the country that released pen tablet that was developed with 2.4G wireless transmission technology.

- Huion began to tap the education market and provide solutions to applying graphics input technology in academies and education organizations both at home and abroad.

- Huion branch in the US was established.

- Mass production of the fourth-generation graphics processing chip HV800 was realized, with the IP rights being held by Huion.

- DWH69, the first pen tablet in the industry that featured a 1.8inch TFT LCD display module on the panel, was launched by Huion, which indicated the arrival of the intelligent pen tablet age.

- All-in-one machine specially created for professional digital drawing artist and advanced office solutions was introduced to the market.

- Huion branch in India was established.

- Combined application of capacitive and electromagnetic sensors was introduced to the market.

- Huion began to explore markets in the Middle East, India and Japan.

- All-in-one machine specially created for professional digital drawing artist and advanced office solutions was introduced to the market.

- Huion was certified as a National High-tech Enterprise.

- Huion unveiled the pen display series Kamvas and the pen tablet series Inspiroy.

- The first wireless Huion pen tablet with a touch sensor, Inspiroy G10T was launched.

- Huion became the first company in the industry that applied aluminum alloy to the rear case of the product.

- Huion applied the technology of Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance to their products for the first time.

- Pen tablet Inspiroy G10T won China's most prestigious ID award, the Red Star Award.

- Huion branch in Australia was established.

- Huion ushered in the new age of 8192 pressure sensitivity levels.

- Huion began to apply full lamination crafts to screens of Huion pen displays.

- Tilt support and the industry-leading report rate 266PPS was realized on Huion products for the first time.

- Huion mascot, Huion Buddy was born.

- Huion branches in Korea, Spain and Singapore were established.

- Huion pen display series Kamvas Pro was introduced to the market.

- Huion launched the first-generation pen tablets that supported USB OTG, HS64 and HS610.

- The first co-branded Huion pen tablet HS64 Special Edition was released.

- Huion unveiled the latest pen tablet series Inspiroy Ink, Inspiroy Dial, Inspiroy Touch and Inspiroy Keydial.

- Huion unveils Kamvas 22 & Kamvas 22 Plus to empower artists around the world.

- Inheritance & Breakthrough: In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Huion released three special editions of pen tablets H420X, H580X, and H610X.

- Huion announces three 23.8-inch pen displays, including the Kamvas Pro 24 (4K), which provides artists with even more advanced tools for creating stunning digital art and designs.

- Huion launched Inspiroy Dial 2, which includes dual dial controllers to double work efficiency.

- Huion specially designed its first digital smart notebook, Huion Note, for students and office workers to sketch and record ideas while on the go, in the office, or in class.

- Huion collaborated with ibisPaint to make Inspiroy Giano, Inspiroy Keydial, and Inspiroy Dial 2 compatible with macOS/iOS when using ibisPaint.

- The brand-new Huion pen computers, Kamvas Studio 16 and 24, as well as the updated Inspiroy 2 series of pen tablets, debut at CES 2023.

- The co-branded Huion pen tablet Inspiroy H950P Lords Mobile Edition was released.