Explore infinite possibilities of your creativity
  • The PW500 digital pen simulates the tilting effect of brush pen, supporting ±60° natural tilting
  • 266 PPS report rate, no crash, no delay, it keeps up with your pace of handwriting at all times.
  • Latest generation of passive electromagnetic technology, supporting continuously unleashing of creative inspirations.
  • Pen tablet HS64, besides Windows and macOS, it also supports Android and connection to mobile phones, which brings users more convenience.
  • Supports Operation on Android Device (Android 6.0 or above)
  • With 11mm thickness portable pen tablet, you can draw the beautiful sceneries along the travel, and note down your inspiration.
  • H1060P provides your creation process more convenient and efficient.The battery-free pen completely sets you free from the trouble of charging ,giving you an unrestricted creating experience.
  • When playing osu games or drawing, the quick feedback of 233pps report rate forms a fast response, becoming the key to your winning.
  • Incorporating the latest passive EMR technology, the PW100 pen supports long hours of creation without missing your spark of inspiration.
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